Identify Pain Points

Here we used the empathetic approach to design our interview questions.
We were able to elicit usability issues from carefully designed questions:

1. The pill bottle is not discrete. Some user don’t want to be seen by others when taking a pill.

2. They can’t find the pill bottle. This problem various and needs two different approaches:
    a. When pill bottle is laying around somewhere close by, we can       play a ringtone to help user find the bottle.
    b. If pill bottle is far away, we show the last seen locations. 
3. Ownership. Can I share this with my husband? We get it. According to research, people share devices a lot more than we think. However, this privacy concern isn’t something we can compromised, so we decided not to add any features, but to use infographics explaining why sharing isn’t a good idea. 

4. It takes too many steps to get a pill V.S. I need this to be as difficult as possible because I have a son who hacked into my bottle before.  Balance and compromise. We need Rapid prototype and more user testing to come to a conclusion.

Usability testing

We send the interactive mockup to our participants and here is a snapshot of the heatmap created based on the first click testing.

Mockup: Invision App live demo

Try the interactive invision app. This is used to deliver design to our engineering team. A design guide is also provided. 


Stakeholder Interviews and marketing