Outskirts Biking

In Collaboration with Maya Friedman


With our embedded device, we want to help start a bottom-up effort in fringe areas of Mexico City where the bike infrastructure and attitudes towards cycling aren’t as solidified. Our device will give the citizens of specific communities a way to collect data on streets within their neighborhood. The device will connected to a collective community map that grows over time, providing a community-built guide to cyclists with a variety of experience to help them use the street safety and comfortably on bike.

Design Choices

An ideal use case, is for the user to stop at a light or stop sign that has a device.
While waiting, use a foot to select a categorization of the street. Our initial thought is to create textures for the pedal surfaces that feels different when stepped on. For the sake of the MVP, we used laser cutted acrylic layered on vellum papers.

Website & cloud
A simple calculation is done on the device to send the pedal information with the highest vote collected to the cloud, io.adafruit. From the cloud, we used javascript to pull the latest data, and light up the map shown on our website.

Interaction & data sanitization

Adding LEDS to each pedal create immediate feedback to the user, however, to prevent prank and decrease false-positive data, consecutive input with intervals less than 10 seconds will be counted as one.


Using the context of Mexico City and its surrounding rural and agricultural areas, design and prototype a small device that would influence people and conditions in this area in an interesting way.

Technology & Tools

ESP 32
Force Sensitive Resistor x3
3d Printer (the black box for cable management)
Laser Cutter
Acrylic and Vellum

Class: Creative Technology I
Year: 2018
Professor: Phil van Allen