Engineer a safe space for people who experiencing gender/identity discomfort. 
This space should convey the idea of self-care and privacy.

Near-at-Hand is a spa that promotes gender fluidity.

1.  Design an Interface that generates bodily changes based on the user’s physical characteristics.

2. Relying on existing technologies and respect design constraints



Challenges:  Find an approach that works with the design constraints: buoyancy in water, slippery hands, frequent and unstable movement..

Solution:  Using kinesthetic movements to interact with the immersive environment


Sauna Room

Begining by going into the “sauna room”, user lay down and the cameras around the room take a full body scan of them.

The photogrammetry sauna room

Haptic Swim Suit

The gesture recognition is realized by a haptic suit, which also provides sensory feedbacks to make the experience seems realistic.

Floating Pool

Watch the Video to discover the full experience in the floating pool.

Leg Kicks & New Identity

This exercise engages muscles and tone the inner and outer thighs. Discover a new self image at the end of each cycle.
The generative images are based on the user themself, following a gender gradient.
Usermay also discover age and race differences.

Leg Kicks & New Identity

Choose a Social Scene

User choose a social scene by performing leg kicks on their back.

Simply wrap the noodle around their body from behind, and start doing a little leg kick.

As the user starts kicking, they will be presented with different scenarios. They can experience the scenario with their new identity.

When user stops performing the kicks, the scene stops switching.

Choose a Social Scene



Design Decisions

Before arriving at the aqua therapy movement idea, I also explored VR sculpting and traditional UIUX options, which provides more user control. However, the amount of attention needed from user may as well stress them with unnecessary learning curves and excessive options.


Takeaways & Reflections

Recognizing your own bias as the designer
This project involves controversial topics such as gender and identity, it is especially important to recognize my own bias and stereotypes. 

Be mindful with Design Languages
I realized I used images that are perceived as “beauty” by mainstream, which may confuse viewers with beauty apps. Using the right design language like an “imperfect” body will communicate the concept better. 

Visual Inspirations

My Ideation sketch:

Inspired by  Peter Zumthor's thermal baths at Vals

Photo by Fernando Guerra