Luna   -an experiment on gender-technology relation                                                                                                                      
In collaboration with Amor Bizzaro,  Miranda Mengyuan Jin, and Karina Hernandez

Low fidelity mockup

Our key questions: 
How can we envision new opportunities for female residents to bring awareness of sexual violence Mexico City?
How can we help women feel safer in Los Angeles and take pre-emptive action if/when incidents occur?

This project responds to the sexual harassment against female on Mexico City’s subway and the special train carriages they have for women. We’re looking at gender-technology relationship, specifically on how it might act as an intervention. An highlight in our experiment is to use a male robotic voice to say “step away” when anyone gets too close to the user. We see this as an opening to the discussion of power relationships in a patriarchal society. 


  • we used that connects a accelerometer and gyroscope, which detects how fast you move and what xyz direction you move. This enables us to track Karina’s reaction to other people invading her personal space on metro. Although the railway vibration and her arm movements impacted the data we get, we were able to sanitize the data by having her turn in real time behavioral logs. Her logs combined with the data visualization provided by Thingspeak allow us to make sense of the data.
  • We struggled quite a bit with making sense of the data because accelerometer and gyroscope aren’t the ideal technologies for tracking someone’s movement. However limiting ourselves to this low cost tech also benefits us to imagine how a woman would react in such situation in order to be prepared for the data coming from a real life setting. Our speculation which involves triggering a man’s voice when getting too close use a different set of technology. Arduino, proximity sensor, straps to properly locate the device.