City of Bought Towns


A recent field trip to Terminal Island inspired me. The island was named Isla Raza de Buena Gente and later Rattlesnake Island, until it was bought and renamed after Los Angeles Terminal Railway. In the 1900s, An entire Japanese fishing village was there to support American’s tuna-canning industry, and thus a “company town” was born. I was touched by how local business influenced the lives of the residents.

In my imagined city, every part of the city is bought and owned by a company. The change in ownership is reflected by the change of names. To me, the change of name isn’t just a change in ownership; rather, the towns are conquered by capitalism. In my city, there is no representation of the residents, and that is exactly how I felt on Terminal Island. The city is very much programmed and exploited while its soul bleeding out. Some of the name changes are adapted from what happened in California and other states; most are pure imagination of local city bought by a local company.


Exibition in the gallery

The Field Trip 

As part of the project, we were asked to create a visual inspired by our field trip.

Class: Graduate Design
Year: 2018
Professors: Ben Hooker, Sean Donahue