Augmented Existence


I created a speculative technology that challenges the idea of “wearable networking.” An example of wearable networking is the Fitbit Friends,  where data is collectively presented by the technology and shaping the behavior of its users. One might work out more or less depending on data in its social network. The fact that this technology is a wearable increases the contact and exposure of the data to end users. Also, metaphorically, the technology has already blended in with the body, creating augmented, hybrid beings.
Using Twitch chatroom as a platform, the sight of the host is constantly changing depending on the visitors’ language. I’m particularly interested in the idea of mutually shaped “visions” from an ontological point of view. Our visions are designed by the technology we designed, and behind the technology, what are the social forces that push the technological innovation? How do designers situate themselves in social issues such as cyber violence? Are we responsible for the emerging issues created by our designs?

Technology and Tools

360 degree camera
VR headset
Unity 3d

Process & Experiments

Visitors moving around in a virtual space. Movements are randomly triggered by keywords in their chat.

At the center of this studio will be making. All students - individually or in teams - will be expected to throw themselves into some aspect of this topic, resulting in an effectively realized project for final review by outside jury, including some form of “live” manifestation to be shared worldwide.

Class: Graduate Design
Year: 2018
Professors: Jenny Rodenhouse, Tim Durfee